2018 Healthcare Cyber Breach Report

Register to download our 2018 Healthcare Cyber Breach Report.

This 35 page report provides important information to include:

  • Total Data Breaches in 2018, Records Impacted, and Projections
  • Email as the Target of Choice
  • Massive Breaches Involving 500,000 or More Records Grows
  • Business Associates Move Into the Bullseye

Upon completion of registration, we will also sign you up for our copy of the 2019 Healthcare Cyber Breach Report - 1st Half which will be out in August, 2019. We will also provide complimentary registration for our upcoming webinar in August.

“Based upon utilizing the increased data breach run rate measured in early 2019, we can project that 2019 may be a record year for the cyber exploitation of Healthcare networks. Total major healthcare data breach events due to IT/hacking in 2019 may crest 200 or more by the end of the year.” Carl Wright, Chief Commercial Officer, AttackIQ, Inc.

Thank you for your interest in AttackIQ.

The AttackIQ Research Team

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