The CISO’s Guide to Security Optimization with AttackIQ

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Despite relentless pressures and shifting responsibilities, the best Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) persist and thrive in their positions, because “they feel they and their security teams are making a difference”. So how do you gauge your impact on your organization? According to Gartner estimates, 30% of your effectiveness will be directly measured on your ability to create value for the business.

The best way to create value is to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your cybersecurity programs. This requires competence in three areas that lead to what we refer to as security optimization.

Download this report to:
  1. Identify risks by collecting data on the performance of existing security controls against actual threats
  2. Prioritize security investments based on understanding the impact of risks on business outcomes
  3. Continuously calibrate staff skills, processes, and technology to maintain your desired security posture

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