A CISO’s Guide to Security Control Rationalization

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The average chief information security officer (CISO) manages dozens of security controls and is responsible for meeting hundreds of standards and regulations. CISOs are drowning in data about their organizations’ security effectiveness, and the data they do have is often irrelevant, outdated, and subjective.

CISOs need to invest in security control rationalization and begin to actively and continuously measure their security program's effectiveness.

The CISO’s Guide to Security Control Rationalization shares real-world best practices on how to implement security control rationalization to validate and optimize security controls. This guide documents how CISOs can use security control rationalization to close security gaps and protect their organizations.

This report will help you understand how to:
  • Establish a security control quantification baseline
  • Objectively assess and measure security control effectiveness
  • Identify and resolve gaps and overlaps in your security control stack
  • Conduct a risk assessment of your vendors
  • Prioritize, consolidate, and eliminate unnecessary security controls
  • Move to the next level of maturity with security optimization
Find out more by downloading this critical report today.

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