AWS Security Hub Integration for AttackIQ

Measure Efficacy Across Your Entire Security Stack

Security leaders manage 47 security products on average, which produces a constant challenge to measure their return on investment -- nearly $18.5 million annually. In addition to monitoring, consistent testing of defensive capabilities across endpoint, network, and cloud security controls provides proactive assurance that your security investments are tuned and configured correctly.

Test and Verify

AttackIQ helps enterprises continuously assess how their security investments are performing. By launching real adversarial behavior against the controls, AttackIQ provides real-time results of current coverage and gaps allowing constrained security teams to prioritize real threats surfaced by these continuous assessments. When results fall below expected thresholds, AWS Security Hub receives a notfication.

Automate Security Assessments

AttackIQ Platform delivers accurate, reliable packaged attack emulation scenarios that are designed to safely run in production, whether on-demand or scheduled. With constantly changing environments, continuous assessment via scheduled runs of the same attack emulation scenarios provides confidence that security controls are maintained.
Simple one-way data exchange

The AttackIQ integration allows your team to send findings to AWS Security Hub from alert thresholds configured in AttackIQ Platform. If a scheduled assessment of attack scenarios launched from AttackIQ falls below a pass rate that you determine, an alert will appear in AWS Security Hub. For example, if you've set a pass rate for your MITRE ATT&CK Assessment to 80% passing, and the results of the most recent run report 79% or lower, an alert will appear in AWS Security Hub allowing immediate attention to investigate change in your environment.

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