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Advanced Breach and Attack Simulation Platform Training Brings Best Practices to Operationalize MITRE ATT&CK with Advanced Cyber Range Capability.

The AttackIQ Academy offers advanced cybersecurity training, modularized curriculum, and cyber range labs to customers and prospects:

  • Cyber range labs offer a scalable, cloud-hosted infrastructure that will provide learners with virtual environments for realistic, hands-on cybersecurity labs and exercises.
  • Our curriculum includes the essentials that users need to operationalize MITRE ATT&CK for security control validation and to leverage the power of our BAS platform.
  • AttackIQ Academy will also examine advanced topics, such as deploying validation testing for specific threats like APT29, and will uniquely offer the advanced cyber range training that will bring cyber defenders to the state of the art for cyber defense deployment best practices.

Once you register, our education center team will reach out to you directly to confirm course dates, times, and logistics. Course attendees are eligible for  ISE(2) CPE credit.

Foundations of Purple Teaming

This training session introduces the state-of-the-art practice of Purple Teaming and its essential nature as the joint operation of Red and Blue teams. Students will learn the core concepts, workflows, activities, and artifacts underpinning Purple Team methodology and will finish the class able both to explain how its programmatic implementation is essential to a threat-informed defense strategy and to plan a foundational purple-team exercise in their own environment.
Length: 90 Minutes - Online - Virtual Classroom

Foundations of Breach and Attack Simulation

This session is a hands-on training program designed to introduce the capabilities and deployment options in a BAS (Breach and Attack Simulation) platform. Students will learn and apply testing methodologies used to emulate adversarial techniques and measure the efficacy of various security control implementations and configurations. The course will also introduce advanced topics such as building a threat-informed defensive strategy and operationalizing the MITRE ATT&CK Framework. Hands-on cyber range labs are included.
Length: 120 Minutes - Online - Virtual Classroom and Lab

Foundations of Operationalizing MITRE ATT&CK

This training session introduces students to the basics of the MITRE ATT&CK Framework. Topics include its history and evolution, reasons why organizations are adopting it, and the basic workflows an organization would use to start operationalizing its security programs within the ATT&CK context. The class will also cover the tools and resources made available to supplement MITRE ATT&CK testing including ATT&CK Navigator and Joystick.
Length: 75 Minutes - Online - Virtual Classroom

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